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We are one of the leading company in Japanese fabric industry who specialize total produce in one line of Shrinking, Fusing, and Finishing Press machine.
Our long experienced history in specialized skills brings to develop creative machine and it's effective application system. We aim for better existence in future fabric industry and put our best effort to keep our position as a top in any fields.
ASAHI's products are appraised by wide variety of industries such as Printing, Automobile, Medical and etc.
We will keep trying to contribute in any fields to develop high valuable and quality of products, which meets today and tomorrow's variety of needs.

Asahi Corporation.

  Name of company ASAHI CORPORATION
  Head Office Central Bldg 1F 4-25-6 O-ji Kita-ku
TOKYO JAPAN 114-0002

PHONE 03-3912-7156
PHONE 81-3-3912-7156

FAX 03-3919-9843
FAX 81-3-3919-9843

  Ko-riyama Branch Sekine Bldg 1F 5-16-16 Ko-riyama Branch Saikon Ko-riyama-shi

PHONE 0249-22-4930
PHONE 81-249-22-4930

FAX 0249-34-2453
FAX 81-249-34-2453

  Osaka Branch 14-3 Ohata-cho Takatsuki-shi Osaka-fu
OSAKA JAPAN 963-8862

PHONE 072-693-4767
PHONE 81-72-693-4767

FAX 072-695-2588
FAX 81-73-695-2588

  China Office Room No.314, Tian Shan Zhi Lu, Shanghai, P.R. China

PHONE 021-62332739
PHONE 86-21-62332739

FAX 021-62334376
FAX 86-21- 62334376

  CEO Takayuki Suzuki
  Date of established June 1991

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